Dressing and burr removing sticks

The dressing sticks (grey abrasive) are designed to keep the grinding wheel abrasive surface clean and efficient.

The burr removing sticks (pink abrasive) are designed to remove the burr formed on the knife cutting edge after sharpening.

Skiving and splitting knife grinding wheels

Accurately selected to be able to warrant the best sharpening results on the steel of our knives.

We have both grinding wheels without bush and with aluminium bush, in different abrasives and colours.

  • The wheel dimensions are:
  • outer diameter Ø 70mm
  • thickness 7 mm
  • hole diameter Ø 17 mm - Ø 17.5 mm - M6 left thread

The splitting knife grinding wheels are available for the most common machine models currently on the market.


Feed rollers

Our stone feed rollers are accurately made and fitted with self-lubricating bushes, which ensure constant dimensions and machining precision. They are available in 50mm and 34mm dimensions in different grain sizes: size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4.

Presser Feet

The feet for traditional skiving machines are available in sizes: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, bevel to 0 (zero).

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